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This rental contract forms the sole agreement between the client and blush LULA, LLC.The client agrees to indemnify and hold blush LULA, LLC harmless for any claims from use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the client’s negligence or operation include legal costs incurred in defense of such claim


A 50% deposit, a valid credit card on file, and this agreement are required to book rental items.  The balance is due 3 weeks before event date.  No rental item contained in this contract will be rendered, delivered, or available if balance is not paid in full prior to your event. Please be aware that once you place your order, other clients who may want the same items are turned away in our dedication to you.  Any deposit placed on an order will be non-refundable.   If payment is not received in a timely manner, blush LULA, LLC  will consider your rented items and services available for another client’s use.  blush LULA, LLC  is not contractually obligated to accept payments beyond the due date, nor refund previous payments. We will schedule another client’s event on your event date if we have been unsuccessful in contacting you or obtaining a response from you regarding payment. We will attempt to contact you via email and/or phone number provided.  You will not receive a notice in the mail.

choosing your linens

It is the client's responsibility to check the contract for accuracy concerning items rented, shipping address, and selecting the correct size linen.  Please confirm table sizes (or any special requirements) with your venue before placing any order

final count

Final count and payment are due 3 weeks before event date.  Any decrease in final linen count is subject to approval. 

shipping information

Rental linens are shipped in the contiguous 48 states via FedEx or USPS.We will attempt to schedule items to arrive two business days prior to event but this is not guaranteed.

rental items installed by client

It is the client's responsibility to ensure accuracy of rental item count (i.e. linens) at delivery.The client acknowledges that they are personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to their use on the event date. Notification of any defects must be made on delivery date. The client acknowledges that there are no warranties on items from minor defects, as there may be some normal wear and tear that is not readily apparent. These defects do not constitute a breach of contract.

returning rental items

Rental items must be placed in provided laundry bags and shipped for return within 2 business days following the event date in order to avoid late charges.If items are not shipped within two (2) business days of event, replacement fees will be assessed on top of the rental fees, no refunds, no exceptions.Client is not responsible to wash or launder linens.However, we ask that you remove any debris (especially food) when returning linens.Food left on the linen will mold during transportation.

return shipping

Return shipping is included in your price.  Return shipping labels will be enclosed in the packaging with your linens.  If the label is lost, it will be the clients responsibility to pay for return shipping.  Return shipping must be made via a traceable method such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Priority Mail.  Returns made via Parcel Post cannot be tracked.  

damaged or missing items

No glitter or sparkles are to be used on linens. Returned items must be free of wax, glitter, excessive food, garbage, ink stains, pins, and damage.Wax, sparkles, burns, rips and improper use such as using linens to mop floors will always ruin linen and result in charges being applied. Client assumes full responsibility of item upon possession, and agrees to pay full replacement cost for lost or damaged items.All items have a replacement value of (3) three times the rental value when not returned or damaged.

weather conditions

blush LULA, LLC. does not issue refunds for any reason, including inclement weather.The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event.  blush LULA, LLC. is not responsible for revising your event design prior to your event, should inclement weather be ensuing.It is our desire that your event go as smoothly as possible.However, if you choose to chance the weather, the client assumes full responsibility for wind and weather damages.


Customer agrees to the Rental Terms and Conditions. Final count must be received no later than the Friday two weeks prior to the event.

All sales are final..


Any credit card authorization, if applicable, will apply for all deposits, rental, sales charges, damages, and late fees.

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